REALIZATION 7: When you know that love is love

If you spend at least an hour of your day looking and laughing at memes like I do, then you’ve probably seen that photo of how “real couples” sleep.

Do real couples snuggle at night?

I disagree completely.

Well, I’ve disagreed at least for the past two and a half years that I’ve been with my boyfriend, Bruno.

We met when we were both living abroad in Perth, Australia, and then I moved to Brazil with him not too long after that.

Yes, he is a few years younger than me. Yes, we have different native languages and sometimes—who am I kidding, often—we have communication problems.

(Justin Bieber’s song “What Do You Mean?” is actually our theme song since we ask each other this at least several times a day.)

But one of my favorite things about being with him is the fact that we snuggle. All night.

We move the same. We have the same sleeping rhythm. When one turns, the other does, and it doesn’t interrupt our sleep at all.

And one of us always has the arm around the other one.

This, despite sleeping in the smallest and most uncomfortable double bed in the history of double beds (due to living in a furnished apartment and not knowing if and when we will move again soon).

However, maybe snuggling all night is rare. Maybe normal people don’t snuggle. And that’s OK. I am sure people find other ways of showing love.

But when I saw this meme and laughed at how wrong it is for us, I realized that this is one of the many reasons he’s the one for me.

Good thing, too, since he asked me to marry him last week!

Realization #7: I can rest assured (no pun intended); I’ve found my other half.

Happy Valentine’s Day, B! The answer is Yes, Yes, Yes!

Eu te amo!

Do you snuggle with your partner at night? The Real[ization] Blog would love to know the truth behind this debate!