REALIZATION 11: Netflix is "all that and a bag of chips"

The Netflix feature allowing you to download episodes to watch offline is possibly the greatest invention ever for the business traveler like myself.

I can download full series and keep myself occupied for hours at a time during the long flights around South America—and even better, keep myself distracted when the turbulence hits!

But after binge-watching heavy series like "Black Mirror," I’ve discovered…

Realization #11 – Breaking up thrillers with a comedy series is the only way of staying sane!

Seriously, that pig episode? O.M.G., people!

So whether you’re in need of a breather or you just want to giggle, there is one comedy you just have to check out—especially if you love the 90s.

"Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" -- I admit, I totally judged this book by its cover. From the image on the Netflix page, I thought it would be super lame.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

But one episode was all it took to draw me in and make me smile—a lot.

The cast is fantastic; so many guest appearances by actors from other shows that I’ve loved.

Hank from "Breaking Bad" plays the role of a tough guy training a super gay guy to be straight? LOVE IT.

The genie from "Aladdin on Broadway"? (Just saw this in New York in December.) SO GOOD.

Pacey dropping in as a convenience store worker named Purvis to talk about his feelings about "Dawson's Creek"? GENIUS.

Jon Hamm  playing a kidnapper reverend named Richard Wayne Gary Wayne? CLAAAASIC.

Jon Hamm Reverend Richard Wayne Gary Wayne

But yes, you’d certainly expect any girl who has been locked in a bunker for 15 years in Indiana to come out saying things like, “Doy!” and, “Psych!”…and other things that used to be cool on the playground.

And when Kimmy ends up in New York, still wearing L.A. Lights (which are apparently coming back) and talking about Clearly Canadian—holy schnikes, I pretty much lost it remembering how that flavored water used to be like “childhood alcohol” for my sisters and me!

This show references so many classic things I simply forgot about growing up in the 90s and truly makes you realize how far the world has really come since then when Kimmy doesn’t even know what a “selfie” is. 

What channel is the netflix

In fact, the only things missing from this series are a "JTT" reference and that Pop Secret Pop Qwiz colored popcorn that actually turned out to be pretty bad for you.

But while this isn’t the only show to dig on the Midwest (Ohio proud here), Ellie Kemper is perfect in this super unique series about a girl who is truly bringing me back to the time when my one goal in life was to get on "Global Guts" or "Legends of the Hidden Temple."

Never happened.

So if there were ever a modern-day program targeted toward my generation, this is it.

Now, Netflix, I think it’s about time you considered adding “Are You Afraid of the Dark?” to my business traveler download collection, too.

I mean, like, no duh!

Do you love the 90s? What do you miss the most?