REALIZATION 10: Kick the bucket list

Sorry guys. I love lists, but “bucket lists”?

Freaking morbid!

Like, come on--let’s hurry and do all these things before we kick the bucket!

Bucket list

What? No! Stop thinking about the end--and your FOMO before dying!

It’s almost as bad as doing something to “kill time.” Why would you want to kill the most precious gift you have?!

Well, last February I officially joined the flirty (not dirty) thirty club. If you are reading this now, it means I’ve survived year one.

And I actually loved it!

Why? Because I stopped worrying about the future and not accomplishing enough before I die. I stopped ticking things off a list just for the sake of ticking things off, if you know what I mean.

Instead, I made a Living List—things that make my life, here and now, memorable and enriching. Achievable things, within reach.

For example, training for a marathon is currently on my Living List. Training, not finishing—because finishing is waaaay too far out of reach to grasp for someone that nearly “died” doing a half marathon two years ago.

We need to set goals that our minds can comprehend!

We need to look to the present instead of planning for years down the track—because everyone knows that even the best laid plans don’t turn out the same.

I have the Brazilian lifestyle to thank for this rethinking of how I do things. I mean, I even deleted the spreadsheet that planned out every month of my life for the next five years!  

So how to get to this place of calm? Here are a few things I’ve done that have helped me live more presently and realize my place on Earth:

  • Climbing the Inca Trail – The full, 4-day trek. It is hard! But it was the best thing I’ve ever done to escape the modern world and connect with the past.
  • Publishing a book – The second most satisfying thing I’ve done; creating a permanent legacy.
  • Staying awake all night to watch the sunrise – It always makes me realize that no matter what happens, the sun always comes up. Time heals.
  • Jumping out of a plane – It lasted between 2-3 minutes but actually helps me feel more grounded in regular life.
  • Living in a country that doesn’t speak your language – Talk about enrichment!
  • Furthering your education – Taking a short course in a completely unrelated field.
  • Going to an international sporting event, such as the Olympics or the World Cup, even if you don’t like sports – While the world is building walls, it’s great to see everyone coming together for a good cause.

Notice these words finish with “-ing”? Present tense people! This stuff is still part of me, not a one-and-done type bucket list "past" deal.

Realization #10 - Kick the bucket list! Let’s start now to create a Living List movement instead.

It’s time to forget the FOMO of the future; how about dealing with that FOMO of today?

Do you have a strategy for living life more presently? Share it below! No judging—promise!