REALIZATION 13: Culture through food; an Irish breakfast

They say the best way to experience the culture of a place is to start by eating its food.

But I think the breakfast is even more a piece to the curious puzzle of a new place.

Not to mention it’s my favorite meal of the day; the calm before the storm!

My parents visited me while I was living abroad in Ireland nine years ago, and one of the main things my dad took away from the visit was how delicious the Irish breakfast was.

Eggs, sausage, bacon (plus these things called “black and white pudding” that aren’t pudding in the American sense); it was totally complete.

Unfortunately, I’m one of those people that can’t eat anything else in the day until I’ve had my something sweet for breakfast, and it’s usually in the form of cereal.

So my favorite thing about Ireland wasn’t the breakfast but instead the mysteriousness of it all; those grey sky days until that flicker of sunshine comes through and reveals the biggest rainbow you’ve ever seen, over the greenest rolling hills around.

Ireland towns with Sara Marie Normand

In fact, Ireland doesn’t have the best reputation for food at all; I mean their diet is a more of a “comfort food” plan consisting of—you guessed it—meat and potatoes.

And I happen to think that regular potatoes have to be one of the most tasteless foods on the planet.

But what Ireland lacks in food, it makes up for in charm.

Small pubs that make you feel welcome and warm as soon as you step foot inside. Old ladies that talk to you in the shops and convince you to buy that coat that may or may not suit you at all. The towns that compete against each other in the annual TidyTowns event to see which one will be crowned the “tidiest.”

Not to mention the little kids that have the cutest accent in the world, especially when they say, “Mummy!” to their moms.

So that saying about experiencing culture through food?

Food is one way to experience a culture, but in Ireland, you don’t need food when you have magic right at your fingertips—not in the leprechauns—but in the world’s best Guinness!

Realization 13 – Guinness is my true Irish breakfast.

And oh, how good it does taste on true Irish land.


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