REALIZATION 6: What's Your Discovery?

Sara Marie Normand

Since I started this blog in January, I have found it fascinating to see all the different backgrounds of people reading my posts already.

In fact, you guys have been leaving such interesting comments and ideas that…

Realization #6: Apparently, I’m not the only one out there making little daily discoveries!

And now I’d love to hear yours!

Do you have something to say?

Have you noticed something in your industry that you want to share with others? Did you discover something about life, travel, culture, etc. that everyone needs to know?

From now on, once a month I will be looking for "Guest Realizations" to publish on my site!

These will also be shared on The Real[ization] Blog's Facebook and instagram accounts.

Wanna get involved? Send a post following these requirements:

  • No more than 500 words
  • Include a title
  • The theme can be anything and everything—just have a read of my style and keep it along the same lines of travel, working, inspiration, love, culture, languages, comedy, etc.
  • Send 2-3 relevant photos to include
  • Send links to your website/Facebook/instagram and your contact details (only if you want these to be published)

Note: You must follow The Real[ization] Blog’s Facebook page and instagram account (yes, we will check!).

To be featured in March, please send your Guest Realization to by 27 February (my birthday)! :)

And just because I didn’t choose yours this month doesn’t mean it can’t be used in future months.

Together, let’s share your discovery!