REALIZATION 2: Finding your magic carpet creative space

Everyone knows people who say:

I’m not creative.
I’m not artistic.
I’m not good at this.

Well, you’re right. But you have to ask yourself, “Do I want to be?”

If the answer is yes, you probably just haven’t found your creative space yet.

Sure, there are some people who soak up and source inspiration from something as simple and delicious as eating a hamburger.

Others, well, you guys may need a little more direction.

For me, it’s more about the time and the place. I used to sit at my computer on Saturday afternoons with the goal of writing at least two chapters for my next book. Nothing would come...


This doesn’t work for me. Probably not many others either. Despite having been a journalist, I think deadlines = pressure = boring writing.

But the moment I step into bed around midnight, the words start spinning around my head as if I were sitting on a magic carpet and could just reach out my hand and grab all these ideas floating around me.

Then it’s a—quick! Get the iPhone, open the Notes app and attempt to jot down something half intelligent!

…And it’s 3 a.m. before I know it.

OK, not the best for my personal health--or my boyfriend, Bruno.

"She always gets the phone, then puts it back. Gets the phone, then puts it back--all night!" he tells people.

But those moments of reflection before my brain shuts down for the night are awesome for me. 

My bed is truly my magic carpet of creativity.

Sara's iPhone Notes App at Night

So, here are my top three tips for beating creative block:

  • Don’t pressure yourself; let it flow naturally (the product will be better)
  • Always have a pen and paper handy (thoughts flow more easily and can go further than when typing on a small iPhone Notes screen)
  • Go somewhere in public and listen to people’s conversations (this is harder for me, living in Brazil, because first I have to figure out what they're even saying!)

And if all else fails, just go to bed a few hours earlier than usual and picture yourself as Princess Jasmine. ;-)

Realization #2 – Everyone has a creative thread. Find yours by discovering the right place (and the right hour) that works for you.

Do you have a magic carpet creative space already? Leave a comment below about when and where you feel the most inspired!