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The Lost and Found
By Sara Marie Normand

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Kate Jefferies is obsessed with the TV show “Lost,” crazy about the main character, Jack Shepherd, and desperate to find the way around an island of her own, that place where all confused, unemployed, recent college graduates end up before they figure out what they actually want to do for a living. 

But then she decides to go on the ultimate blind date—a blind date with five people. Five people she found on the Internet. Five people who live across the pond in Ireland. Five people—one family—who want to hire her as their new au pair.

OK, so not quite a dating scenario, per se. But the Finley family had offered her a job and a change of scenery from the boring Midwest.

Though the term “gap year” did not exist in her family’s dictionary, she drops out of law school to move to Dublin on a whim, hoping that a magical green country full of strangers—and an endless supply of Guinness—will lead her down a more fulfilling path.

After moving in with the family and living in the same, wealthy neighborhood as members of her favorite band, U2, Kate wonders if her arrangement is too good to be true until she discovers a secret that could destroy the family—or get her into a lot of trouble.

And when she becomes caught in a love triangle with a “bello” Italian and a weird guy from France, Kate can only hope that her mom wasn’t right; that the first spontaneous decision she’s ever made would not end up as a recipe for disaster.

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