REALIZATION 1: A penny for your thoughts

Grama Scherpenberg always says, “A penny for your thoughts.” And I’ve always had a lot of them.

Thoughts, that is. Pennies, not so much—yet!

Grama Scherpenberg and Sara traveling in Perth, Australia - April 2014

Grama Scherpenberg and Sara traveling in Perth, Australia - April 2014

But with a "full-time-plus" job that requires international travel basically every two weeks, I don’t have much time to share them apart from talking to the odd stranger sitting next to me on the plane. Instead, I have a lot of time to accumulate them.

And the emails never stop. I work from home in Brazil for a company in Australia, and that means the emails come at all hours. That feeling of not being able to detach is all too well-known for the rest of you pajama-party workers out there, but I am connected to my work email almost 24-7.

Then I realized one night this year that I need to dedicate more time to doing what I love in order to have a healthy work-life balance—and maybe even do my job better. What I love to do is write. Putting my random thoughts on paper. Sharing it with others to see if they agree.

Thus, The Real[ization] Blog. My attempt to uncover real, little discoveries each day. A continuation of the book I published a couple years ago about the realizations I had upon finishing college and starting “life.”

Funny thing is, I don’t like to read. Not since the second grade when I was trying to beat Michael Bookmyer for the most points in the Accelerated Reader program (does this even still exist?!).

But now, I’m like the rest of society. I get bored. Sorry kids, reading sucks! I’m a “title reader” now. I mean, that’s one of the reasons I dropped out of law school; let’s be honest.

When I read the news every morning with my coffee, it’s via the iPad news app that gives you the “Top Five Things You Need to Know on Monday.” Highlights.

And the “Business Plan on a Page”? Definitely one of the coolest concepts I’ve seen lately at work. I mean, who actually benefits from a 60-page marketing plan anyway?

Like you, I have so little time to waste reading things that bore me (though the hours spent binge-watching on Netflix are rightly factored into our schedules, no?).

Get to the point! And the point is, follow me to enjoy the less than 500-word realizations I make in my daily life in Curitiba, Brazil.

And you don't even have to give me a penny.

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